System Details + Accesssories
Cleaning Hose Handle

Conveniently located System Start / Stop Button on the Cleaning hose handle allow the user to take charge of the Cleaning System with Ease.
Vacuum Inlet Valve / Plug

Polyester Coated Child Safe Vacuum Inlet Point ensure that young children in the family are protected from such points in the house.

These valves could also double as night lights consuming very little electricity (less then 0.34 watt - 50% lesser then a normal night light) or 117 times less then a Fluorescent Light to light up dark stairways or corridors.
Anti - Clogging Protection Device

Prevention is better then cure and this is especially truth for such a centralized system. Anti - Clogging device like this are installed behind each vacuum inlet point to ensure that objects that are too big for the system are prevented from entering into the embedded pipping network to prevent clogging.
Special Anti - Static Piping

Anti - Static UPVC Piping are specially engineered to ensure that the piping network is free from any potential risk of clogging as a result of dirt trapped internally due to the generation of Static Electricity by the Fast Speed Moving Air during Usage.
Discharge Silencer Device

Quiet ambience is usually a prior requirement of any quality home environment. Puzer Perfect provides the appropriate Silencer to ensure that the Discharge Air Noise of your Powerful Cleaning System does not become a nuisance to your neighbours.
Cleaning Wand

People are of different height and built. different places within a home has different constraints and layout. The Cleaning Wand a Crucial item for Vacuum Cleaning, which unfortunately most of the time has its length fixed. Puzer Perfect made the difference, with the extendable cleaning wand.
Standard Cleaning Accessories
Flooring create the mood crucial to ones home and change from bedrooms to living room to kitchen depending on the functionality of the place. Automatic Style Combination Tools are designed to handle these changes in cleaning surface without the need to manually adjust the tools at all. Another People Friendly Idea from Puzer.
Corner & Cervice is a simple tool for a difficult task of picking up stubborn dirt or dust trapped at joining edges of walls or surface, making it difficult to remove. Depending on places to be cleaned, Puzer Perfect always has the right one with the right material to protect your home furnishing.
Ever has it been a problem to clean your bathtub? The Soft Horsehair Brush is the perfect tool that does the job without the risk of damaging the surface that is being cleaned.
Hose Storage Rack

Ever wonder how you could store the item.

The Puzer Perfect Hose Hanger provides the ideal way to store the Cleaning Hoses & accessories.
Deep Carpet Cleaning Tool

Having a piece of Long Fiber Rug or Sheep Skin and a problem with upkeep?

The Puzer Self Propel Brush solve the problem easily making use of the strong suction power of your system to propel the brush to brush deep into the fiber surface and extract any trapped dirt easily.
Deep Mattress Cleaning Tool

Ever wonder how to Clean your mattress? It is easy to wash your bed sheets, but it is a difficult task to wash a mattress.

The Puzer Hand Held Self Propel brush work like the Floor version of the brush. It makes use of the strong suction power of the central system to propel the brush to brush deep into the mattress and extract all trapped dust or mite instantaneously.
Pet Cleaning Tool

Household Pets such as dogs, cats need to be groomed constantly to ensure that they are kept clean. The idea of brushing them down and picking up the loose hair, etc with a portable vacuum cleaner is a very contaminating way to clean them.

Puzer Perfect provides the perfect solution with the Pet Cleaning Accessories which allows the users to plug into the system and brush down their pets. Mites, loose hair, dirt, etc. are instantaneously picked up and removed away without contaminating the Close proximity of the user at all.
Liquid Pick up Device

Have a place at home that needs to be kept dry? Or a task like changing the water of your fish tank?

Puzer Perfect provides the water separating device which could either be installed to serve a location or make portable to allow the system to remove any water or liquid which needs to be picked up at home.
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