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Customized Vacuum Pump / Ejectors Package

For the Food Industry, we could broadly classify the usage of Customized Vacuum Pump / Ejectors Package into;

Vacuum Drying

Vacuum Drying is applied extensively in Food Processing Technology. The Main Advantage of applying vacuum to the drying process is:

Shorter drying cycles and therefore increased production
Lower drying temperatures thus eliminating possibility of burning and deterioration of product.

Multi-Stage steam ejectors and combinations of steam, water ejectors, liquid ring vacuums pumps and air operated ejectors are extensively used as vacuum pump packages.


For Multiple effect evaporation on heat sensitive products, final vapor disposal is through condensation in a vacuum condenser of either direct contact or surface type. The Condensers and associated vacuum equipment ( both ejector, vacuum pump and combination type ) are designed and use widely.

Vacuum Cooling

The Rapid Cooling of cooked products is achieved by the use of vacuum cooling. The vacuum plant creates a lower pressure than saturation temperature of the cooled product within the cooker and causes vapor to be flashed from the product. The Heat necessary to produce the vapor reduces the temperatures of the product and by controlling the rate of vapor released, accurate control of the physical characteristics of the product can be maintained.

Vacuum Deodorizing, Bleaching; Neutralizing, Hydrogenation

With current trends to multipurpose plants and severe restrictions on disposal of effluent accompanied by energy conservation, the modern day deodorizer vacuum plant is a complex system of ejectors, condensers, scrubber, heat exchanger plus condensate and vacuum pumps.

Energy Conservation throughout the year is achieved through use of a vacuum pump for rapid evacuation and vacuum maintaining whilst seasonal variations in cooling water temperatures allow steam savings. Effluent problems traditionally associated with congealed fatty acid in the condenser cooling water discharge are virtually eliminated by the use of a fatty acid scrubbing unit between the deodorizer and vacuum plant.

The information required to enable us to make an offer would be:
Batch or Continuous Process
> Material Processed
Vapors to be removed and / or condensed.
Is direct steam injection employed - quantities
Incondensable Liberated
> Vacuum Required
> Is Vapor Corrosive
General Service Data
Any other specific client preference such as Mechanical Seals, Couplings, etc
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Food Processing Plant
Sugar Refinery
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