High Technology Production - Atomic Power Industry
Multi Stage Ejector System
The Transportation of gases and fluids in the Nuclear Industry Creates both environmental and safety problems since in many cases the gas or fluids is highly contaminated due to irradiated wastes or radio-active material being present in the particular stream.

Usually equipment to handle these materials are contained within concrete cells for safety reasons and ejector equipments provides a perfect solution to transport these hazardous wastes since the lack of moving parts and general construction give high reliability of operation. The general construction of these ejectors for Manufacturing and Welding of nuclear ejectors is approved to NF 0081/1/2/3, whilst the systems and procedures have achieved quality assurances to BS 5882.

Our Technology Partner for this product is Hick Hargreaves, Co Ltd, currently is subsidiary of BOC Edwards Ltd (UK). The company has been in the forefront of engineering since 1833. The co-orporation between us and our partner dates back to the early 1990s.
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