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House Keeping Vacuum Cleaning System
Cleanliness is one of the most important area for pharmaceutical plants and Good House Keeping Practice is the first step towards it.

The Central Vacuum Cleaning Concept has been proven over time and trial to be the most efficent method of cleaning when Cleaning Efficiency is Crucial. Improved Cleaning Efficency refers to:

Its ability to remove the quantity of settled dust from any cleaning surface. Compare to various method of cleaning including the Portable Vacuum Cleaner, it is the only method of cleaning which is capable to removing up to 100% of settled dirt on most surface.
Its ability to allow cleaner to spend more time cleaning, not carrying around bulky portable vacuum cleaner.
Its ability to discharge the contaminated air generated through the process of filtering and discharging it out of the factory / plant instead of recycling it within the close proximity of the cleaner.

So what is a House Keeping Vacuum
Cleaning System?

It is a Central-Located power vacuum unit connected by a network of tubings to inlets conveniently located throughout the building.

The Central Unit generates a vacuum which can be used to clean floors, machines, and the air; it can pick up and transport liquid and solid wastes; it can pick-up and transport in-process materials and move them from one building or plant to another; it can remove dangerous, volatile, corrosive and contaminating substances from the air and from manufacturing areas or anywhere they are generated-this is also called a Scavenging Vacuum System; it can pick-up spilled material and route it back to storage for re-use.

In short, anything that can be done with vacuum can be done efficiently with a Central System. And because the system is centralized, cleaning can be accomplished quicker, easier and with greater efficiency than any other means.

The information which we require to make an offer:
The Type of Cleaning Process Required? ie; General Cleaning, Pick-up of Product Spillage, etc
General Data of the Products if it is not General Cleaning
The Area to be Cleaned and if Possible a Layout Plan of the Plant with area to be clean and preferred machine location highlighted
The Number of Simultaneous Cleaners Expected at Any One Time or One Area
Any specific preference of the client or classification of the area to be clean
The Wet Separator Concept
The Portable Version of Wet Separator
The convenient Top-Hats fits over any Standard 55 Gallon Drum to separate debris pick-up by the system which is not suppose to go to the Central Collection Point
Typical Arrangement of the Cleaning Hose Attachment
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