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Customized Vacuum Pump Package
In Pharmaceutical industries many products are subjected to distillation methods in the course of manufacturing. The plants used are complex and have wide variations and usually comprise high temperature - high vacuum system.

We are able to provide Customized Vacuum Application packages such as:
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Package
Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump Package
Multi Stage Ejectors & Condensers Package
Combination of Liquid Ring Pump & Ejectors Package
Deaerator Package - Cold Water or Sea Water Type
> Process Gas Blower Package
> Process Gas Booster Package

The information which we require to make an offer:
Batch or Continuous Process
Material Processed
Vapours to be renewed and/ or condensed
> Is direct steam injection employed - quantities
Incondensable Liberated
> Vacuum Required
> Is Vapour Corrosive
> General Service Data
> Any other Specific Client Preference such as Mechanical Selas, Couplings, etc.
Combining Vacuum Pump Package made up of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump + Booster + Atmospheric Air Ejector
Dearator Column for Extraction of Dissolved Gas from Water
Process Gas Booster with Customized Mechanical Seal Options
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