Life Science - Special Application
Oral Evacuation Systems
The possibilities and capabilities of optimizing your system is the keyword. We integrated our Special Application System with that keyword as our prime concern.

The Central Oral Evacuation System Idea was started by Spencer in the USA.

The system is the perfect solution for any facility that has 5 up to 700 chairs (Dental Operating Chairs). It provides the most efficient, hygienic, reliable services for such purpose and could double up to upkeep the facility.

Combine with the Sanitizing System, we have put together the Most Effective Hygiene Maintenance System expected of a Modern Facility, combining:

The Most Effective Cleaning Concepts Known To Date - Central Vacuum Cleaning, which clean up to 3.4 times more effective then any known portable vacuum cleaners.
A Zero Contamination Risk Facility, with all possible contaminants effectively removed to a remote place where they could be correctly processed.
The Most Effective Anti Cross-Contamination Method in up keeping of all equipments without any risk of picking up the rinse dirt from the cleaning solution of a wiping cloth.
Of Course, for smaller facility that expect to provide their client and themselves the best Hygiene Environment, the described integrated system is their Best Choice.

The information which we require to make an offer:
A Scale Layout of the place with Plan and Elevation View.
The Number of Chairs to serve and their locations.
The Preferred location of the Central System.
> General Services data.
Any specific preference of the Clients.
Typical Patient, Doctor Equipment Arrangement.
Installation in University Hospital - Dental
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