Supporting Industries - Fiber & Petrol Chemical Industry
Customized Vacuum Pump/ Ejectors Package

For many years, Customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Package has been in used for these industries due to its reliability and simplicity, housed within a robustic construction. In recent years the combination of ejectors, either Gas / Steam Ejectors with Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Package are becoming increasingly popular especially in the Hydrocarbon Refining Industry where large quantities of both condensable vapors and non condensable gases have to be handled.

Some typical application of vacuum in these industries are:

Vacuum Filters - where the feed material contained in the filter is under atmospheric pressure and the filter cake is formed under this pressure. Some typical filters in operation are: Simple Batch Type Vacuum Filter, Horizontal Continuous Filter, Horizontal Linear Pan Filters, Horizontal Linear Belt Filter, Horizontal Rotary Tipping Pan Filter, Horizontal Rotary Table Filter, Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter, Disc Filter, etc.
Distillation, Rectification and Fractionation are also similar process as distillation. Distillation is defined as the separation of the constituents of a liquid mixture by partial vaporization and separate recovery of the vapor and residue. Rectification is distillation carried out in such a way that the vapor produced is brought into contact with condensed vapor returned to the still by refluxing. Fractionation is the term for such process used in the petroleum industry.

For the Fiber or Paper Making Industries, vacuum pump package has found additional usage from the old days of removal of water from the paper stock sheet on the wet boxes, couch and press rolls. Usage now, includes pick-up, suction transfer, carrying roll, turning roll, and air bleed press where the primary function is to assist in changing direction of the sheet, eliminating the open draw or partially drying of the felt.

The information required to enable us to make an offer would be:
Batch or Continuous Process
Material Processed
Vapors to be removed and / or condensed.
Is direct steam injection employed - quantities
Incondensable Liberated
> Vacuum Required
> Is Vapor Corrosive
> General Service Data
Any other specific client preference such as Mechanical Seals, Couplings, etc
Integrated Vacuum Pump / Compressor / Scrubber Package Supplied to Exxon Chemical
Integrated SS316 Ejector / Vacuum Pump Package with Scrubber Capability Built in to clean Discharge Air Supplied to Sansoz Ringasikiddy.
Filter Separator Package Supplied to Castrol Oil, Gas & process
Vacuum Pump Package Supplied to British Gas for Natural Gas / Selexol Seal Fluid
SS316 Vacuum Pump Package Supplied to Elf Atochem - Polystyrene Production
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