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Vacuum Priming System / Package

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump are ideal for priming duties on large or small centrifugal pump installations. These installations may be on irrigation systems, river pumping systems, reservoir and water board schemes and siphonic system.

The need for priming arises from two basic requirements:

The first is that before a centrifugal pump is able to pump liquid, it is necessary to establish a ‘prime’ on the casing by lifting up the liquid into the casing.
And secondly, after the initial prime and during operation, it is necessary to remove air or liberated gases which can enter the system and interrupt operation.

The information which we require to make an offer;
The Volume of the suction line and centrifugal pump casing
> The Vertical suction lift
> The Time allowed for priming
Any Air-In-leakage during priming
A 150Kw Ring Vacuum Pump Total Recirculation Package
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