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Stand Alone Vacuum Pump Package

Portable Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps are convenience choice for most Research & Development Work when scale of the requirement is small.

The convenience of being able to use a Single Phase Electrical Supply allows such units to be easily adopted and deployed within any Research & Development Laboratory. Its silence capability during operation also made it ideal for it to be located below the respective Laboratory Benches without any major needs of renovation.

We are able to provide the pump package together with the appropriate accessories to fit into any laboratory work top.

Information which we would require to make an offer are:
The Required capacity of the pump or the quanity of outlets which will be serve by the Pump.
The Perferred Location of the Vacuum Pump if any.
The available Electrical Power Supply and Type.
The Type of Research & Development that the Laboratory is involved with.
Any other Preferences of the client if any.

Typical Laboratory Setup showing Fume Cardboard used for testing of Difficult or Critical Processes with the appropriate Vacuum Pump mounted below.
Mini Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump
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