In the thirties, Jacob Pielkenrood had an innovative engineering idea and founded Pielkenrood-Vinitex B.V in the Netherlands. This led to the first commercially viable engineered solution that bears the company name in 1938; The Tiltable Plate Floator.
Jacob's idea remains our inspiration and aspiration as we continue to have the courage to challenge the conventional; the accepted and the ordinary. New, original ideas gave our client a genuine choice, allowing them to decide precisely how they want to manage their vacuum application or live their life. In the process, we try to find better ways of doing things with our partners by making certain that technology remains the slave to man, and not the other way round.
The result; a wide variaty of vacuum and vacuum conveying process for industrial, commercial and consumer application was developed. Centralized Vacuum System for Pick & Place; Hold Dow, Contamination Control or House Keeping for High Tech Production such as Wafer Fabrication; Store Media; Disk Assmbly Plant and Other Clean Room Production / Life Sciences Research Enviroment.
With the brand name of PUZER, we marketed our Consumer Vacuum Application System, which speaks volume about those lucky few who own it. Together with our partner Protekno Puzair Oy, we engineered the Finnish Origin System to suit Asia Climate and Peoples' Culture. This " Think Out Of The Box " method represents new ways of doing things and breaks away from traditional thinking. It breaks out of the established patterns and look at things in a different way to solve environmental problems in our everyday life.
Indoor Air Quality
Things are not always what they seem to be. Quantity of Cleanings, do not neccessary provide a Clean ambient. Only Quality Cleaning Do That. PUZER's Quality Cleaning Concepts ensures a dust free Interior, giving people the rights to breathe clean air and make sure that the work is completed much faster resolving most of Indoor Air Quality Problem.
Integrating is just another word for making life easier. Intelligent Integration is just a meaningful combination introducting ' recycling ' into our daily life. PUZER gives you everything you need in one place, making it just common sense for you to dispose of the respective wastes at the respective places. Labour in moving is replaced by Air in Pipe. Waste is being whistled off in pipe immediately as it produced, store or pack and really for the appropriate reycleable waste collector to purchase. It is that simple, if you don't mix, you don't sort.
A Design always reveals its intention. With our system, you can easily tell what's been on the deigner's mind: The User or Only The Product.
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