PV Vacuum Services may be divided into the following categories:
Plant / Project Advisory Capability
Our experienced staffs are able to provide an unbiased advisory service on the selection of any combination of Vacuum Products to meet our customers's exact requirement. Thus, our customers are able to:

a) assess the most appropriate Vacuum System Application Solution.
b) assess utility requirement of different Vacuum System Application Solution.
prepare budgets for capital and running costs and thereby the economic viability of the project.

In the case of Contractors, it allows them to put forward a competitive tender to their client.

Modern Living ( Lifestyle System )
Developed for customers, who appreciate quality over quantity, PV Vacuum Engineering Pte Ltd has a series of innovatively engineered environmental solutions to suit the different lifestyle of people, society or country is marketed under the Trademark of " PUZAIR ".

- PUZER Perfect - Quality Cleaning, innovation for quality conscious people.
- PUZER Cleans -
Ultimate Cleaning Concepts for development, organization or places that demand Quality Cleaning; Not Quantity Cleaning.
- PUZER Protect -
The unique feature of any modern day Metropolis Building is its ability to manage its own solid waste and not burden the society with it. PUZER Protect is the system that protects the environment that modern buildings adopt. It automatically segregates solid waste into the appropriate recycling form needed.
- PUZER Unconventional -
Unconventional solutions for refuse handling for conventional building or development to better blend them into the modern day world.
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