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Process Vacuum System
Technological Advancement and the Rapidly Changing World has presented Facility Engineers with New Challenges constantly. Process Vacuum System supplied nowadays has to take into account of these changes and designed to be responsive to Product Changes.

Drawing on ours and our technological partners' extensive experience and good working relationship with production machinery manufacturers and end users, we are able to design a system that works to support the production capability of such Production Machines and the culture of the users.

Through the years, many Production Friendly Features have been developed and refined based on very responsive and constructive feedback. To name a few, there are;

Vacuum Modulating Control System to ensure that the Process Vacuum System can be maintain within a few mbar difference from Set Point irrespective of Production Demand. This is a feature which can be incorporated with changing Production Demands either during Start up of a New Plant or High & Low Production Period of an Existing Plant.
Moisture Extraction System which can extract moisture automatically from the Vacuum system without any shut down or causing Surge in the System is another Production Friendly Feature which we are offering
Complete Integration of the Control of the Central Plants with Building Automation System (BAS), such as " Mapping of Programmable Logic Controller " to BAS to allow monitoring is another step towards total automation.

We design systems promising End Point of Use performance or Customized Vacuum Pump Package to meet any specific design requirement set by the client.

So what is a Process Vacuum System?

It is a Centrally Located Power Vacuum Source connected by a Network of pipes to inlets conveniently located throughout the production area to serve the Vacuum needs of Production Machinery. The Central Unit Generates a Vacuum which can be use to pick and place an item by a Robot or production machine; or pick up an item such as wafer for inspection; hold down a disk drive for assembly work; transfer of an item from one Vacuum or Production Chamber to another, etc.

In short, the system provides the holding or lifting strength required for any automation process or machine to pick and place an item or hold down or lift a product for assembly purposes without gripping the item at all.

The information which we require to make an offer:
Raw Data of Individual Production Machines Vacauum Requirement & Layout ( for System Design ).
Alternatively, the Client Required End Point of Use Performance ( for System Design ).
The General Layout of the Production Area and its relative location to the perferred central plants location ( for System Design ).
The Operating Capability of the Central Plants ( Customized Vacuum Pump Package ).
> Any specific perference of the clients.
Customized Rotary Vane Quartet Central Process Vacuum System for Store Media Production Facility
90 Kw Process Vacuum Pump Package for Store Media Facility
Picture of the Central Process Vacuum Plant for Disc Drive Assmebly Plant
4 x 55 kw + 1 x 75 kw +
6 x 37 kw, making a total of 11 Packages.
Central Process Vacuum Plant Capable of 2200 Actual Cu.m Per hour of Flow @ 40 mbar Aboslute each for a Dia 8 inches Wafer Fabrication Plant
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