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Scavenging Vacuum System (Contaminating Central System)
Contamination Control is a Critical Area in the assurance of the achievement in the appropriate product to meet the expected quality in Electronic Industry. A well designed Contamination Control System or Scavenging Vacuum System as it normally called is the first step towards the achievement of the appropriate production yield.

The less time your employees spend cleaning up dust or dirt, the more time they can spend productively operating in the production line. Contaminating Particles from production process such as lead oxides, berylium, arsenic, etc is taken out of the air before they can inhaled or contaminate the Clean Production Environment especially in Clean Room Production.

In fact, most advanced Clean Room Production Machine nowadays, incorporate Scavenging Capabilities within their machine to allow a Central Scavenging Vacuum System to be connected easily to it. Contaminating Particles generated during the production process is removed instantaneously instead of leaving it to pollute the Clean Indoor Climate affecting production yield and reducing the need for any extra cleaning activities.

In this way, even the smallest micro dust is removed without any posssibility of contaminating the production process.

So what is a Scavenging Vacuum System?

The Old way to handle the dust or contaminated particle with a laminar flow or low vacuum / high volume collection system just does not work anymore. The size of allowable contaminating particles within a clean room area or regulations established to protect the workers' health just make such an option obsolete.

Scavenging Vacuum System which uses high vacuum / high velocity / low volume air flow to take away almost instantaneously within inches where any contaminating particles are generated is taking centerstage

The Centrally Located Vacuum Source is connected by a network of pipes to inlets which is conveniently located throughout the production area to serve the production machinery or any particular source of contaminating particles. Such particles are removed within inches of where they are generated via small flexible tubes or collection shrouds connected to each production machine.

The information which we require to make an offer:
The Type of Dust or Process which will be hook up to the system.
The Vacuum Requirement of Individual Production Machines.
The Layout of the Plant and the Perferred Location of the Central Plant.
Any specific Preference of the client.
2 x 132 Kw Scavenging Vacuum Exhauster Installed at Seagate Media in Tuas - Singapore
3000 SCFM Rate Vacuum Separator Installed at Seagate Media in Tuas - Singapore
4100 SCFM Rated Vacuum Separator Installed in Seagate Media Facility in Gambas - Singapore
2 x 200 HP Scavenging Vacuum Exhauster installed for Media Production Facility
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