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House Keeping Vacuum System
Cleanliness is the most important factor required in the upkeep of a Clean Room for the achievement of high Production Yield. The technological drive and archievements towards minimization of products such as Computer Chips, etc has placed a greater challenge in the removal of micro dust particles from the production environment of a modern facility. Therefore, in many instances, the success of a plant is determine by their choice of a good House Keeping Practice.

The Central Vacuum System Cleaning Concept has been proven over time to be the most efficient method of cleaning when Cleaning Efficiency is Crucial. Improve Cleaning Efficiency refers to:

Ability to remove the quantity of settled dust from any cleaning surface. Compare to various method of cleaning including thePortable Vacuum Cleaner, it is the only method of cleaning which is capable of removing up to 100% of settled dirt on most surface.
Ability to allow the cleaner to spend more time cleaning, not carrying around a bulky portable vacuum cleaner.
Ability to process and filter the contaminated air collected within the vacuum system during operation and discharge it out of the plant/ clean room instead of recycling it within the close proximity of the cleaner or process. This is the most important attribute of the system which No Portable Vacuum Cleaner can do.

Through the years, many of our unique and quality Production Friendly Features has also been developed and refined base on feedback from end users. To name a few, there are:

Remote On Demand : Starting and Stopping of the System based on the simple action of insertion of the Vacuum Cleaning Hose into the respective installed vacuum cleaning inlets.
Energy optimization with the incorporation of Fan Law and ability of the Variable Frequency Drive, to power up just only the required amount of vacuum to serve the appropriate number of engaged vacuum users. Thus helps cutting down electricity consumption.
Complete Integration of the System Control with Building Automation System, to allow such systems to monitor and take charge of the system usage.

So what is a House Keeping Vacuum Cleaning System?

It is a Centrally Located power vacuum unit connected by a network of tubings to inlets conveniently located throughout the building.

The Central Unit generates a Vacuum which can be used to clean floors ,machines, and the air; it can pick up and transport liquid and solid wastes; it can pick up and transport process materials and move them from one building or plant to another; it can remove dangerous, volatile, corrosive and contaminating substances from the air and from manufacturing areas or anywhere they are generated - this is also called Scavenging Vacuum System; it can pick up spilled material and route it back to a storage for recycling.

In short, anything that can be done with a vacuum can be done efficiently with a Central System. And because the system is centralized, it can be accomplished quicker, easier and with greater efficiency than any other means.

The information which we require to make an offer:
The Type of Cleaning Process Required? ie; General Cleaning. Pick-up of Product Spillage, etc
General data of the Products if it is not General Cleaning
The Area to be clean and if possible a Layout Plan of the Plant with area to be clean and preferred machine location highlighted.
The Number of Simultaneous Cleaners Expected at any one time or one area
Any specific perference of the client or classification of the area to be clean.
Wet & Dry House Keeping Vacuum System at Seagate Media
Stainless Steel Wet Separator for Separation of Water / Fluid from the Vacuum System complete with Chemical Dosing Point
The convenient Top-Hats fits over any Standard 55 Gallon Drum to separate debris pick-up by the system which is not suppose to go to the Central Collection Point
Typical Arrangement of the Cleaning Hose Attachment
Typical Vacuum Inlet Point of the System
The Portable Version of Wet Separation
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