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Puzer District System
Puzer District System represents the Forefront of the Environment Protection Effort of any City Council or Government Agency which doesn't just entertain environmental ideas, but put them to work. Achieving ultimately the perfect sustainable development which much has been said, but little has been done. A Zero Waste City or District.

It is the most efficient approach to maximize all potential collection of recyclable material in the appropriate form suitable for ease of recycling and ridding the city or district of unsightly refuse truck. Getting rid of all the associated problems caused by pollution from such trucks with its foul smell to the dripping of contaminated water across the road that they travel.

Each Building built in such a City is built by Socially Responsible Developers which ensures that these buildings are able to manage its own waste left by its occupants. The building is able to collect and store the waste in appropriate recyclable form suitable to be disposed away by a district wide pneumatic refuse conveying system at the appropriate schedule for that type of Recyclable wastes.

Therefore in short, a Puzer District System is a highly integrated system that is formed by essentially a Pneumatic Refuse conveying system design to serve a district which is connected to a mixture of Puzer Protect Systems serving each building in the district.

Recyclables waste Collected by the Puzer Protect System within the Building are then directed / transfered to their appropriate collection center in the district by the pneumatic refuse conveying system.

All of these processes are done away from the public eyes and automatically, leaving people to concentrate on their work and live their life as normal.
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