Lifestyle System - Customized Solution
Puzer Environment Friendly Stadium
The Puzer Environmental Friendly Stadium Solution is developed by its partner - Wastech, specially for the New 54,000 Fixed Seats, one level of Corporate Boxes, Corporate Facilities and Commercial Kitchens, Colonial Stadium of Melbourne.

The installed system allows a Total Clean Up Time of 4 hours including the removal of the Total Waste Volume from the Stadium that has a peak load of 1000 Litres Per Minute and manage 45,000 Litre of Compacted Waste per Event within a 4 Hour Time Limit.

This is an example of the customized solution that can be used for any situation and together with our partners, we have the ability to deliver this promise.

Speak to us and, we will deliver to you a working solution with our vast experience, which you might not have thought possible .
Trolley Dump Point
Diagram showing the system
The Compactor Connected to the Chute
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