Lifestyle System - Waste Handling
Puzer Unconventional provides unique unconventional waste handling means to manage conventional problem encountered in the Conventional Approach to move within a Building or an estate.
Puzer Pneumatic Refuse Conveying System moves waste from one point to another within an estate or district within a network of pipes installed above or buried under ground
Puzer Sir Lift System allows waste to be stored away under ground, protecting the development from its smell and sight of it. It also free up space within the building for other pupose instead of storing waste
Puzer Hardie Chute System provide a cheap solution to manage waste from tall buildings with the feasibility of changing the chute when its get too contaminated through time
Puzer Compact compact the fallen waste at the bottom of a gravity chute, making sure that it will fix into the provided waste bins without making a mess of the surrounding or when the bin is move for disposal
Puzer Chiller Compact / Container ensure that the collected waste is kept in a suitable condition for an extended period of time while you wait for the next round of collection schedule of the refuse truck
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