Lifestyle System - Waste Segregation
Intelligent Integration is a meaningful combination, introducting ' Recycling ' into our Daily Life. Puzer offers you everything you need in one place, making it just common sense to dispose of the respective wastes at the respective places, With Puzer, you save time and energy. Instead of moving bulky waste, simply plug in, and voila, the contaminated air and waste is being whistled off into the pipe instantaneously stored or packed and ready for the appropriate recyclable waste collector to purchase. It's that simple, if you do not mix, you do not sort.
Puzer Protect - Commercial System allow a Modern office Building to manage the waste produced by its occupants automatically in a Secure Manner protecting both the environment & information security of its occupants
The Ministry of Education in Singapore use the system to manage its waste paper output daily
Puzer Mall System allows a Mega Shopping Complex to maintain its gracefulness and beauty throughout the day without Sore Eyes of waste being pushed around within the building. A risk to the environment and the safety of the crowds
A few times a day, cleaners like them move about the crowded shopping complex to collect waste from individual tenants.
Puzer Residential Xmit System allows both recyclable or wet waste to be totally hidden from sight of its resident providing an ambient that is crucial for a prestigious living estate
Recyclable waste being collected or left to be collected
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