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A generation ago, we feared tornadoes more than terriorists, cholera more than crack, and anthrax more than Amtrak. We realized that while modern technology has lengthened our lifespan, it also has created some new and frightening risks:

The Computer has made most of our working tasks easier and was supposed to create the paperless office. But we can now edit so easily that writing has become a pastime. And with a stroke of a single key, we can send copies to the world, snowing everyone with paper.
Modern Buildings being constructed nowadays could offer to almost every human needs in comfort or desire but it just could not sort the waste that human leave in a form that is suitable for recycling.

Television has brought the feats ( and failures ) of modern society into our homes and help to educate the public. People around world have become increasingly aware of the importance of the environment in their lives. The preservation of our natural resources occupies an important place on the agendas of national and world leaders.

However, the needs to educate the community of these risks are clear. Nevertheless, information and education only encourage participation, but could not change the culture of a society and its habits over night.

Local efforts of individuals are also commendable. However, this is far from achieving global goals.

The problem is just too big to be handled if a new way to collect waste is not introduced and people just settle for " this is the way it's always been done. "

Puzer Protect recognized this Risk and shares the same opinion with many that unless Modern Buildings are built to handle the waste that humans leave behind correctly, the problem would not go away.

A building cannot be considered as a MODERN Building if it Cannot even handle the waste that its Occupants Leave behind Properly given all the Possibility that Nowadays Technology is capable of.

Many people have entertained this idea, while Socially Responsible Developers and Organizations have put them to work and reality. Making many of today's developments a truly Modern Environmentally Friendly Building, socially responsible to handle the waste its tenants or users leave behind.

Puzer Protect is the simple way to differentiate a Self Labeled Modern Building from a True Modern Intelligent Building and A Socially Responsible Company from one that Claims only.

Puzer Protect
Protect the Environment By Making Sure that All Recyclable Materials are Collected in the Most suitable Form for Recycling.
Protect the Investment by Making sure that the Devlopment would be Relevant to the Society in the Future.
Protect the Company Greatest Asset-Employee with the integration of Puzers' Clean.
Protect the Company's Bottom Line by turning the waste left behind by its employee into a tradable assets instead of liability.

Information Security is the Main Concerns of many and is the main obstacle to Waste Paper Recycling Efforts for Commercial Building.

The Puzer Protect System is designed with the focus of resolving this concern of many, so that they can participate actively in protecting the environment. This system ensures that their information is secure from everybody inclusive of their Cleaner & Waste Collector.

Pending the size of the building, collector designed in accordance to DIN information Security Standard DIN 32757 is located at the most convenient location in the building to encourage Mass Participation. Participation is enhanced by providing the users with unprecedented rate of papers per feed possible, making shredding a pleasure rather than a task.

These Collectors / Shredder are then connected via a piping network to a Central Collection Point within a building.

Stacks of papers fed into the system are cut in accordance to DIN Standard & Conveyed At a Speed of 100kM/H or more instantaneously to a secure collection point. The Operation of Multiple Point at any one time and the Big volume of Collected shredded paper chips provides a system security unchallenged by any Known Standalone Shredder.

The inability to trace the source of the paper and the quantity collected just make any reconstruction of document an impossible task for even the most powerful computers on earth.

Additional benefits are also obtained when the system is integrated with the Puzers' Clean Capability.

The Night Light Options of the Puzer Clean's Vacuum inlet ensure that all dark corridors or office arelighted up at the lowest possible energy consumption of 0.34watts per point only too. Savings are generated as compared to the conventional approach to provide lighting.

The information which we require to make an offer are:
A Layout Plan of the development in scale form both plan & elevation view
The total area of the development or number of emloyee working there or space standard adopted
Location of the Refuse Center if any or perfer loaction of the waste container
> General Service Data
Any other specific preference of clients
Picture of files being Shredded
Typical 5146 Model use for waste paper Basket Cleaning
A Multimedia Disposal Point
A central loacted Shredder for shredding Paper Disposal via a Gravity Chute in the building
The Ministry of Education of in Singapore
Typical Installed Floor and Wall Vacuum Cleaning Inlet Points in the office
The installed Vacuum Shredding Point in Each Department
The installed point in the Ministry's Lift Lobby
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