Lifestyle System - Waste Segregation
Puzer Mall System
Display space is a luxury in a shopping mall. Spacious clean walkways are the classical symbol of upper market mall that houses the best and the top of the Brands.

Unfortunately, existing methods of refuse collection from shops in a mall or within mega mall themselves are such a miserable sight to witness.

Tenants have to be contented with giving up useful display space within their shops to be used as temporary holding areas for their waste carton and other refuses. Taking risks on it being both a Fire Hazard and a source of hygiene concerns.

Shoppers have to pay attention to the trolley of waste that fights for right of way in the otherwise beautiful walkway of the mall. Accepting the potential risk of contaminants being spread across the mall while these collected refuse are being pushed to the nearest service area and the foul smell of it at times. And this is what we call Posh or Luxury Shopping Mall.

The Puzer Protect-Mall System or Puzer Mall System gets rid of this unsightly sight and ensures that the tenants can maximize every single square meter of area they pay for.

A series of Gravity Chutes are appropriately located through out the Shopping Mall to provide tenants a convenient means of disposing their refuse as and when it is produced.

The collected refuse are then shredded to the appropriate sizes suitable for recycling at the bottom of each Gravity Chute and transfer via suction to a Centrally Located Collection Point at the basement or outside ( Sir-Lift System ) the building.

Depending on the location of the Collected Bin, waste recycler is contacted as and when the bin is full to purchase or dispose the collected content.

Integrated with the Puzer Clean's Concept, appropriate vacuum slots can also be located throughout the mall to allow dust or dirt to be fed into them with a Dry Mop, instead of being carried from one area to another.

The information which we require to make an offer:
A layout Plan of the development in scale form both plan & elevation view
The total area of the development or the waste volume of the system
Location of the Refuse Center if any or prefer location of the waste container.
> General Services data.
> Any other specific preference of the Clients.
Picture of the Waste Dump Point on each floor
Picture showing the carton in the gravity chute
Picture of the carton shredder below each gravity chute
Picture showing the conveying pipe
Picture showing the collection bin of shredded carton
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