Lifestyle System - Waste Segregation
Puzer Residential Xmit System
Life can be so hectic at times that even our habits fall by the wayside. We neglected or might not have the luxury of performing or the convenience of simple things like enjoying a proper lunch or leisurely reading the papers. These are common city dwellers problems and many has to learn to cope with it.

Recycling at home is only possible and will achieve great success if individual participation rate is high.

The Puzer Residential Xmit System works around this fact of city life and encourages participation via convenience.

Wet waste or problematic waste dump points are appropriately located at the most convenient location of the home - the kitchen, and features a very simple user friendly interface. Overall hygiene is well maintained with the goal of avoiding wet waste accumulation within a home. Instantaneous removal of these waste via a push of a button and the size of the collecting point help to make this a foolproof approach. The strong suction of air further helps to remove the area of any contaminating particles or bacteria or the pipe of any moving creatures and pests.

Dry waste does not create so much of a hygiene concern and can always be disposed of as and when the resident feels like it. A common disposal point at the common lift lobby provides this convenience to them. Environmentally conscious residents, no longer need to look out for the next collection schedule of the recyclable waste collector.

Plastic bags which are the most common collecting medium to be used to hold anything from wet waste to recyclable waste are made obsolete. This removes one of the biggest problems with plastic in our household waste.

Caring parents could further opt for the option to have their home integrated with the Puzer Perfect system to provide the luxury of the best Cleaning Methods in Town.

The information which we require to make an offer:
A layout Plan of the development in scale form both plan & elevation view
The total area of the development or the waste volume of the system
> Location of the Refuse Center if any or prefer location of the waste container.
> General Services data.
> Any other specific preference of the Clients.
ISO Omega - A mixed Development that has a Mega Shopping Mall, Office Tower & three blocks of Residential Apartment.
Diagram Showing a Standard Puzer Xmit System
Diagram showing a Puzer Xmit System Integrated with Puzer Perfect for the Individual home
A stand alone waste Disposal Point
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