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Puzer Pneumatic Refuse Transport System
Puzer Pneumatic Refuse Conveying or Collection System is a simple conveying system like any other, that only conveys the refuse from one point to another within a building or development or district.

Air is used to carry the refuse within hidden, exposed or buried pipe works instead of truck or labor making the collection process very hygiene, clean & efficient. Using vacuum further ensures that all associated odours from the refuse is kept within the system.

The system consists mainly of
Refuse Chute with hopper for disposal on each level of the building
Discharge valve at the bottom of gravity chute which hold the refuse above it until it is time to remove it
Bleed-in-valve which admit air into the system during operaton
A network of refuse conveying pipes using our Acoustic Cellulose Fiber Pipe that ensures in operation any refuse hitting noise along the pipe network is reduced to a minimum.
A central plant that houses the vacuum producer which provides the suction power to the system
An odour treatment device which clean the exhaust air from the system
A Refuse Storage Container or Compactor with a Guide Rail System or Our Sir-Lift System if the Container has to be located away from the central plant

The information which we require to make an offer are:
A Layout Plan of the development in scale form both plan & elevation view
The total area of the development or number of emloyee working there or space standard adopted
Location of the Refuse Center if any or perfer loaction of the waste container
> General Service Data
Any other specific preference of clients
Fire Rated Refuse Hopper for Refuse Disposal via the Gravity Chute with Lockable Option
Refuse Chute, whether external or cast into the building is used to collect the refuse from all floors
Pneumatic Actuated Dump Valve is used to temporary hold the refuse at the bottom of each chute
Buried Conveying Pipe
High Level Cyclone Unit for high Volume Waste Separation
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