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Puzer Hide Away - Sir Lift System
Puzer Hide Away Refuse Container / Compactor System Or Sir-Lift System as many call it, is the Modern Way solution to solve one of our conventional refuse handling problem – Unsightly Refuse Storage.

It is a good approach for development which has a tight space constraint and would not like to display their collected refuse or its foul smell in public.

The system is designed to be suitable for all Standard Refuse Roll-On / Roll-Off Compactor Container or simply Container Only of standard volume from 8, 12, 18 and 24 cubic meter.

The installation of it is simple, since the entire system comes in a Epoxy tar Coated External Frame that is suitable for direct buried into the ground without any further preparation.

The information which we require to make an offer:
The size of the intended refuse container
It is a Container / Compactor Type of Refuse Container or a simple Container only
Picture showing the sequence of removal of a Fill Refuse Container from the Sir Lift System
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