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Puzer Compact
Puzer Compact is a proprietary compact compactor developed by our partners - Wastech. It is constructed to fit the Puzer - Hardie Chute system, providing our client a simple approach to handle big volume of refuse from a single chute.

Beside the ability to handle a big volume of refuses from a single chute, it solves one of the functional safety hazards created with the use of the Conventional Chute Collection System.

The cleaner's task to remove the filled waste trolley under the Conventional Chute System always has a risk of the possibility of falling debris from above hitting them either on the Hand or Head or Legs. This is because, such trolley when filled is just too heavy to be simply hand shifted unless you are well position within the Refuse Chamber at the bottom of the Refuse Chute.

Although, the device is compact in size, it gives a shocking compaction ratio of 1 : 5 and could be configured to serve up to 8 number of 120 litres Refuse Trolley.

A simple sensor ensures that no trolley is over loaded, preventing spillage. Odour is also greatly reduced since the problematic fluid in food is removed away during compacting.

The Lip of the Refuse Trolley can easily be closed since no refuses over flow is possible. Thus, an overall more present sight and hygiene enhanced when the Refuse Trolley is being chauffered away to the
Bin Center.

The information which we require to make an offer:
> The Required Storage capacity of the Chute
> The dimension of the Refuse Chamber at the bottom of the chute
> General Service Data
Diagram showing the
concept of the Puzer Compact System
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