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Puzer Hardie Chute System
The Puzer-Hardie Chute System or Sanischute in short is a proprietary Chute system developed by our partners – James Hardie.

The system is fast to install, simple and does not need to be built together with the building. It is developed for the Quality Conscious Pre-Fabrication Constructed Development.

The ability of being installed as a Standard 6 Meter Length Vertical Pipe, allowing Appropriate refuse Hopper Opening to be established later in the construction phase is a strong plus point.

It prevents the installed chute to be used illegally when the building is being constructed saving many man hours required subsequently to clear such choke.

It's simplicity also helps to save many precious man hours otherwise needed for the construction of a Cast-In Place Chute or Conventional Pre-Fabricated Concrete Chute or Metal Chute.

A 240 Minute Fire Integrity and a 37 dB (A) Sound Attenuation further add to the advantage of installing this system.

Options such as the possibility of installing it on the external wall of the building, allowing any sections of the chute to be changed if required. This provides an easy and effective way of maintaining the cleanliness of the refuse chute system which is something that conventional refuse chute could not offer.

In fact in some instantances, it is used as a ' Disposable Refuse Chute ' System which is changed after a period of time to ensure the utmost hygiene condition of a building.

The information which we require to make an offer are:
The layout plan of the building in scale form both plan & elevation view
The preferred location of the building in scale form in both plan and elevation view
The number of Refuse Hoppers and its location
A Standard Refuse Door
1 Puzer - Hardie Chute
2 Refuse Hopper
Picture showing the Chute being installed within a building
The Break Elbow at the Bottom of each chute
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